Avoid Disappointment & Get A Fully Verified Pre-approval Before You Make An Offer!

“Some banks do not even check your payslips, or confirm that your savings meet their rigid policies before they issue a pre-approval."

In many cases, banks just issue an automatically generated pre-approval letter with a large list of conditions, ranging from income verification, savings confirmation, meeting their employment policy... the list goes on!

These kind of generic pre-approvals are completely useless and a waste of everyones time!

Given the number of pre-approvals that never proceed, it's no wonder the banks take short cuts!

We review all the information that is needed to get a REAL pre-approval before the banks credit team get involved - THEN we insist they provive a fully verified pre-approval with no generic conditions - other than finding your property of course!

"Not all pre-approvals are equal!"

Our recent success stories

 Laura & Timmy discovered they were on a higher home loan rate than many others they had seen advertised. They contacted their bank thinking that because they have been loyal customers of the bank for over a decade that the bank would look after them and review their rates. Laura & Timmy soon realized that not only wouldn’t their bank offer any better rates, but that their bank was actually offering much lower rates to new customers. How can this be fair they argued, “how can you give a completely new customer a lower rate than a 10 year loyal customer?”, but still their bank was not able to assist them. 

Thankfully, their next move was to contact Emanate Finance for a home loan rate review. With just a 10 minute phone conversation Laura & Timmy where able to discover that not all lenders are alike, in fact they were able to secure an interest rate a whole 1% lower than what they were on. Although they only had a small mortgage, their savings were well worth it.

Laura & Timmy

Perth Southern Suburbs

Fiona & Kim were struggling to keep up with their home loan repayments, multiple personal loans, credit cards an array of other overdue bills. Thinking all was lost they fell behind on many of their loans and were ready to throw in the towel and call it a day. In a final attempt to find a solution Fiona & Kim contacted Emanate Finance for help, with just a 15 minute phone call Fiona & Kim discovered they do have options and all was not lost! 

By using the equity in their home, Fiona & Kim were able to consolidate all their accounts in to one, easy to manage and much lower monthly repayment. Fiona & Kim have cleared up all their back payments, payed out all of their loans, closed down the credit cards and even payed their overdue council rates.

Fiona & Kim

Perth Northern Suburbs

Why do we do what we do?

Emanate Finance believes everyone deserves affordable home ownership, we believe money should be spent on living life – not living life to make money and we believe that loyalty should mean something - we believe in a better way!

How can we help?

Emanate Finance can help save time, stress and money so you can spend more time with your family and have more money to live your life the way you choose.

How we do it?

 We do this buy helping our clients to find the right home loans for their goals, to help understand the decisions they make around their finances and by building long lasting relationships they can rely on to be there every step of the journey, now and in to the future.

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