Don't make costly mistakes when buying property in Perth. 

Download Your FREE Home Buyers Guide & Property Buyers Checklist!

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This is a must have guide and checklist to ensure you don't miss important details when buying your property.

The free guide and checklist can help you find out if you've found a great home or investment, or an expensive dud!

Whats in the guide and checklist?

Before you go house hunting

Guidance on some impoart pieces of the puzzle to consider before you start seaching for your new home or investment, including available government grants, pre-approvals, deposits and your budget.

What to put in the offer or purchase contact

Don't get caught out with cleverly worded conditions that appear to give you a way out if you're not happy, but only really support the seller and lock you in even when you find problems during your final inspection.

Propery buyers checklist

Everything you need to look out for when selecting a property, ranging from inside the property, bathrooms, bedrooms, out doors and even the location. Don't get caught out with leaky taps, forget to check the air conditioning  or forget to check something as simple as 'will my fridge fit' we cover it all!

Why Get This Guide?

Whether buying your first home, upgrading to your dream home or searching for a great investment, finding the right property is no easy task and can often seem terrifying!

Our comprehensive home buyers guide and property buyers checklist can help make your journey just that little bit easier. Whilst there may be other things to consider, these guides will help point you in the right direction and take the guess work out of inspecting your property. 

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